Chaos and To Do lists

Life has been really chaotic the last few weeks and annoyingly, this has been for no particular reason.  I don’t even feel like I’ve been that busy, I just feel like I’ve been really unorganised. I guess we all have weeks like that though and with no 9-5 to keep me in a routine it’s easy to get a bit lazy sometimes.  The house is cluttered and untidy, my wardrobe is depressing mess, my diet has been appalling and I’m ashamed to admit I’ve had the same nail varnish on my toes for the last 8 weeks!  I have a mental To Do list that feels like it has a million things on it and every day that passes it grows.  URGH.

With Christmas fast approaching I feel like I’m seriously going to have to get my arse in gear if I want to be able to sit back and enjoy it this year.  On Sunday we went to Ikea to grab a few bits and pieces (or half the catalogue..whatever) to try and spruce the house up and motivate me to get it looking how I want for Christmas.  I’ve now passed on most of that To Do list to my very handy husband so that’s one thing kind of sorted.

Yesterday I dug out an old notebook and set about making lists and already I’m starting to feel less stressed.  I decided to jot my lists the old fashioned way as opposed to using my phone as I’m trying to not use my phone for quite as much lately.  For me, it would be counter productive as I would just end up checking facebook, twitter, e-mail, Instagram or Whatsap every time I checked my To Do list and then end up wasting so much more time (I think everyone can relate to this!). I’m now slowly but surely ticking things off and starting to feel more motivated as a result.

I’m not really sure how I’m going to go about sorting out my wardrobe to be honest.  I guess I’ll have to tackle one thing at a time and perhaps it’s something I’ll try and sort out over the Christmas period or I’ll just pop a good word out to Santa and the Elves. As for my diet, I remembered to place my order for my veg box this week and I planned this weeks dinners and have done an online shop.  I’ve been doing Slimming World since January and only have 3.5 lbs to go before I achieve my target so I’m staying focused and going for it this week.  I’m hoping to achieve it by the end of the month.

Perhaps it’s a time of year thing,  is it just me that feels a bit out of control and unmotivated at the moment? Fingers crossed for a productive November!

(Now I’ve finished writing (ok babbling) I can tick off another thing from my To Do list!)


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