The Caped Crusaders

Back in February there was one image alone that made me long for the Spring and Summer to fly by and Autumn to hurry up already.  The image was that of Burberry’s wool and cashmere poncho.


If unlike me, you have a spare £895 and a lifestyle that allows you to wear cashmere without fear of small child induced sticky smudges, then you can pick it up from here, and if you don’t have surplus spends and/or a tot, here are some fabulous alternatives…





ASDA | £18


ZARA | £149

Zarazip poncho


ZARA | £45.99


JIGSAW | £129


NEXT | £30


AX PARIS | £28

My personal fave is the Topshop Multi version closely followed by the beautful Jigsaw one and I was lucky enough to bag the Topshop version whilst it was still in stock a few weeks ago.  Which one will you be purchasing this AW14?

An Autumn Obsession

Autumn has officially arrived and I’m obsessed.  I’m so excited by this, every year I’m the same and I think I’m getting worse.  Come mid-September I have all these new ideas, I get the urge to change things and think about my goals.  I get this impulsive feeling more so than I ever do in January (it’s probably no coincidence that I began Suburban Fancy when I did), perhaps it’s because I haven’t really grown up and September has always reminded me of starting a new school year?  I get all these new ideas about things I want to do, places to visit and things I feel I want to achieve by the end of the year.  I get this huge sense of excitement when I think about autumn and all the things I associate with it. Here are some of the main reasons why I am totally obsessed with autumn…

Crumble | Um apple, blackberry, cherry, rhubarb, plum, pear, all six together? I even made a mango and pineapple crumble this summer because I missed eating crumble so much.  I’m quite partial to a strudel too.  Basically any fruit baked in the oven with lashings of custard is a winner for me and it just so happens to taste even better when there’s a slight chill in the air.

My Birthday | My birthday is towards the end of October so obviously this is a massive reason to love autumn… need I say more?

A/W wardrobe | I’ve got my poncho, faux fur gilet, a new crisp white shirt, tailored black trousers and last week I got myself a winter pastel manicure.  Fashion victim much?  It’s not as bad as it sounds I promise but it’s probably a good thing my birthday is in October considering the long list of coveted items I have at the beginning of every autumn.

Sundays | I ruddy love Sundays in autumn.  Sundays are so much more relaxing when you’ve got a roast dinner (followed by a crumble obv) to look forward to.  Plus my husband makes a mean roast so it usually means I’m not the one doing the cooking.  I was brought up having a roast dinner every Sunday and I hope to continue that tradition with my family too.

Autumnal Flowers | Autumn bouquets are my absolute favourite, there’s just something about that mix of the burning reds, rustic yellows and amber toned blooms that makes me admire flowers even more so in autumn than any other time of year.

Squashes | Who knew there were so many different types of squash out there?  This year I’m looking forward to adding roasted acorn squash to our Sunday lunches.  I also need to experiment with spaghetti squash. I’m on the hunt for as many different varieties and recipes as possible this autumn.

Dark nails | If my nails aren’t painted it makes me sad, I realise this might sound a little dramatic but there’s just something about polished nails that makes me feel just a little bit ‘done’, especially as most days I struggle to have the time or energy to make an effort with the rest of my appearance.  For me, autumn nails are dark, the first dark manicure after the bright hues of summer have gone is so very satisfying.  My faves are the ever popular Rouge Noir and Black Satin.

Boots | Oh boots boots boots.  Putting away those tired sandals and flip flops and shopping for awesome new boots is a whole new level of wonderful.

Cosy nights and candles | Last autumn my living room was being decorated and wasn’t really usable until a few days before Christmas so this autumn I’m itching to fill it with candles, throw a log on the fire and invite those dark autumn nights into our cosy new living room.  I’m toying with the idea of adding some orange accessories to really embrace the autumn period before Christmas hits in December.

Halloween | Any excuse for a party or to dress up my little girl before she can speak for herself and is able to refuse to wear what I want her to.  Last year I bought her the cutest little pumpkin baby grow and I started looking for this year’s outfit weeks ago.  I can’t wait to start carving those pumpkins!

Sadly there is one thing that I don’t love about autumn though and that is the emergence of the colossal spiders that have decided to take up residence all over my home – shudder!

The beginning of Autumn marks the end of the summer, those long summer nights, alfresco eating, bikinis on the beach and the warmth of the sun on your face that were longed for so badly since the middle of January.  I feel a little bit mad not to be clinging on to the last days of summer and yet in reality, I’m not a tiny bit sad about bidding any of it farewell.  Is it just me that is totally obsessed with autumn?